Porte-badge souple évènement
  • Porte-badge souple évènement
  • Porte-badge souple évènement

Flexible event badge holder

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  • Increases the life of your badges
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures maximum visibility in any situation
  • Degressive pricing

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This flexible badge holder is suitable for all types of events and helps you to clearly identify all the participants.

This 80 x 135mm or 105 x 148mm very high quality flexible vinyl badge holder is fully transparent and ensures that your badges have maximum visibility in events, parties, major meetings, etc.

Perfectly suitable for large cards, these flexible badge holders will firmly hold your invitation cards and different access passes.
Furthermore, its light weight will give you the freedom of movement.

For even greater convenience, it has a round perforation 5 mm in diameter, that lets you to wear it around your neck (using the cords).

Extremely resilient, this flexible badge holder has a reinforced strip that strengthens the perforation, thus preventing any risk of loss and any chances of it being pulled off.

2 formats : 80 x 135mm or 105 x 148mm 


Data sheet

les 100 portes-badges
Par paquets de 100
1 an
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C193 D203 E072 F072
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Format 80x135mm Ref. ICB-PBS-BIL

Quantités Prix € HT
5 27 €

Format 105x148mm Ref. ICB-PBS-JO2

Quantités Prix € HT
5 30 €

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  • Easy to use
  • Lower prices for higher orders
  • A wide range of options to help you choose the optimal badge lanyard
  • High quality

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